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Highway Dedicated Logistics

Harmac North America provides top tier transportation and product handling services and solutions to a wide range of Chemical Bulk Liquid customers.

Transportation & Logistics solutions with a track record of successful growth
Harmac North America is a company solidly built on the ethics of Responsible Care, advanced technology applications, disciplined quality management systems and customer-centric organizations. These qualities underpin an organization able to provide safe, reliable and professional services for transportation or product-handling challenges of any scale.

At Harmac North America, strong management and employee development continue to be the keys to our successful growth. With over 30 years of critical knowledge developed around bulk liquid chemical products, industrial and food waste products, bulk liquid food grade products, chemical tank wash applications, and product last-contained management, Harmac has developed the expertise to store, handle and transport chemicals and waste products of any variety.

Harmac North America has a number of operating terminals across Canada and the United States.



Harmac has a long history of handling a broad range of products for a diversified client base. A leading carrier in Canada servicing the North-American marketplace, Harmac operates a large and diversified fleet of chemical tractors and trailers able to meet customer-specific needs. These include:

  • SS Quad, small and large barrel
  • SS Tridem and SS Tandem
  • SS 416 and FRP trailers for Corrosives
  • SS pumps, compressors, plus other standard pump configurations
  • Vapor recovery
  • All trailers are insulated
  • Hot products (In-transit heat)/Kosher, other food grade
  • Center and rear discharge, multi-compartment configurations
  • Metered products, lubricants
  • Top and bottom loading configurations



AJ Weigand 
AJ Weigand is a highly regarded US bulk liquid carrier.  AJW has developed a solid customer base through impeccable service and extensive knowledge of the bulk liquid chemical industry.  Some of the capabilities of AJ Weigand include:

  • Tight Fill and Standard Tandem SS trailers
  • In-transit heat (hot products)
  • Tank Wash facility (internal & external)
  • Rear and center discharge configurations
  • Various pump configurations


Harmac North America Logistics

Harmac North America Logistics was established in 2013 as a means of growing our center of expertise in bulk chemical liquid handling. Harmac North America Logistics offers expanded solutions to both the asset companies within Harmac North America, and to its most valued customers. The services offered through the Logistics division range from providing on demand carrier capacity through our asset companies or pre-qualified partner carriers.  We provide a broad range of logistics services encompassing the full scope of chemical product handling including:

  • Front office administration (billing, collection, statements etc.)
  • Warehousing
  • Bulk storage
  • Blending
  • Rail-road-rail transload
  • Transport and delivery
  • Temporary on site storage

Equipment & Services
Harmac is equipped to service any bulk liquid chemical storage, product handling and transport need. Harmac has developed the expertise in chemical warehousing, rail to road, rail to rail product transloading, and is able to develop storage, blending and handling operations for distribution. Harmac is equipped to handle any specialized transportation and storage services including:

  • Metered services
  • Multi compartment tanker transport
  • Chlorine tonner transport and handling


Responsible Care
Harmac’s commitment to the secure and safe handling of chemical products is unmatched in the industry. Harmac was the first trucking company in Canada to become a verified Partner Carrier of Responsible Care under the Chemical Industry Association of Canada. As a member of the National Tank Truck Carriers in the United States, Harmac has received numerous safety awards over the years. Harmac has and will continue to demonstrate ultimate care for all stakeholders in the services it provides through responsible care and environmental stewardship.

To view the last re-verification report for Harmac, please click here.


Seaboard Trailer Leasing

With over 50 years in the transportation industry, the Seaboard Transport Group understands your leasing needs.


Moncton Highway Services
With a driver base spread out across Eastern and Central Canada, our highway division services the Atlantic, Quebec and Ontario regions.  The Moncton Highway Services division is able to provide a range of diversified transportation services, including:

  • Dry Van  
  • Reefer
  • Flat deck
  • Dedicated trucking
  • Bulk Feed
  • Pneumatic Tank  
  • End Dump

Systems Management 
We deliver superior service through the application of technology with robust operational capabilities perfected over decades of doing business with large and small corporations.  Our systems management approach focuses on defect elimination, accuracy, reliability and efficiency of our business processes as a means of providing exceptional service to our customers.  Having dedicated Recruitment, Information Technology, Process Improvement and Quality Management departments is critical to ensuring superior business transactions and reliable service.

Management Systems 
As a responsible care partner, our Highway Dedicated Logistics group leads the industry in technology application and advanced management systems. We have applied the full capabilities of TMW management system and Peoplenet in cab technology to create real time driver, truck and service performance measurements. These performance metrics are monitored and communicated in real time to ensure safe and reliable delivery of services. A driver behavior management system has also been implemented that addresses performance gaps of drivers opposite responsible driving standards and hours of service management.

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Wiebe Transport has recently expanded in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with the purchase of Direct West Transport. We have expanded our service offering to include dry bulk transportation services, including the transportation of grains, road salt and fertilizer throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. With an experienced operations team in Saskatoon, Wiebe Transport  is well-positioned for further growth in the Western Canadian dry bulk sector.