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G3 Transport

Key Services

• Rail-side and transload facility

• Transportation of dry bulk commodities

• Transportation of bulk liquid commodities

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G3 Transport

Established by a group of former managers of Union Carbide Canada Ltd’s private transport division, G3 Transport was founded in 1994.  The company grew rapidly, rising to become one of the major independent players in their sector of specialized bulk truck transportation in Canada.  In the beginning, the company counted only a single customer and three hopper trailers.  Today, it is a company with a large client base and a sizable fleet of specialized trailers, distributed between dry and liquid goods.  Today, the company services customers across the Northeastern regions of North America.

G3 Transports chemicals, plastics, food-grade products and other bulk commodities.  Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, the company is capable of making a quick evaluation of the needs of its clients, while adapting itself effectively to new standards, practices and industry requirements.  G3 is adding to its list of services continuously.

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